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Why buy your pet’s preventative products from your veterinarian?

Currently there are many options and products to choose from when it comes to flea and tick prevention for your pets. Not only are there many brands, but there are endless options of where to purchase them. Flea and tick prevention is no longer only sold at veterinary practices. You may have seen them available at your local pet stores and even retail outlets such as Walmart. There are also endless options via internet. With brands, products, and prices varying it’s easy to pick up flea and tick prevention products anywhere. So why buy them only from your veterinarian? There are two main reasons: Knowledge and Guarantee. 


What flea and tick prevention your pet should be on depends on several factors. What kind of pet you have, the pet’s lifestyle, and your family. The knowledge of your primary veterinarian and their knowledge of your pet’s activities and your family allow them to recommend what product would best protect your pet and suit your family. For example: Tick collars offer wonderful protection, but they are not necessarily the best option for everyone. Often families with multiple dogs or young children don’t prefer to have a tick collar on their dog. The children can touch the collar and put their fingers in their mouth. Or the other dog in the home may have a habit of chewing on the other dog’s collar. Or perhaps your dog swims a lot and this means a topical could be stripped from the dogs coat and less effective. In such a case your veterinarian may suggest an oral flea and tick product verses a topical based on your dog’s lifestyle. No one product is perfect for every pet. Likewise some of the topical products can be toxic to cats if ingested before it has dried on your pet. If your veterinarian knows your cat likes to cuddle with your dog, they would not recommend that particular product. The knowledge your veterinarian has of you and your pet is important when choosing a flea and tick prevention.


Many consumers don’t realize the products you buy from your veterinarian are backed and guaranteed by the manufacturers. Frontline is a great example of this. You can purchase frontline online, at the pet store, and at retail stores. If your pet has a reaction to Frontline or if you have issues with fleas and have consistently used it every thirty days the makers will only guarantee the product if you have bought it through your local veterinarian’s office.  If your pet has a reaction they will often pay for the pet’s care regarding the reaction. If you have a flea outbreak in your home, they will compensate you for the cost of the product and cost towards flea treatment for your pets. If purchased elsewhere, the makers will not back the product. This is not just for Frontline; this is any flea and tick preventative product your veterinarian sells. If you have issues or problems with the product they will do whatever they can to make the issue right and make sure you’re happy.

Did you know that often the manufacturers of the products will offer exclusive saving opportunities when products are purchased through a veterinarian? Consumers want to save money and the manufacturers know this. They offer great deals and mail-in rebates so when you buy from the veterinarian you’re actually getting a better price then if you bought online or from a retail outlet.

For more information on what preventative products are available and what might be best for your pet, contact your primary veterinarian.  No one product is right for every pet and it is important to have the knowledge and recommendation of your veterinarian before making your decision.


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